Integrity {actions & circumstances}

If you want to have more integrity in your actions no matter the circumstances, look to Genesis 37-45 for an example in Joseph. In order to have integrity in tough circumstances, you must prepare in good circumstances. Where do we start?

  • Be obedient to our tasks {Genesis 39:5}
  • Be trustworthy and faithful in daily activities {Genesis 39:6}
  • Commit to God no matter what -- Resolve not to be defiled {Genesis 39:9}

When the hard times come, how do we cope?

  • CHOOSE to be the best person for God in any circumstance {Genesis 39:21}
  • Run to God continually in prayer WITH THANKSGIVING. {2 Corinthians 9:8, Psalm 138:8}
  • Respond to people in a Godly way {Genesis 40:6-7}

When things are looking up again:

  • Give credit to God {Genesis 41:37-38, 45:5}
  • Recognize God's sovereignty

May the God of grace bless you with more of him today!