Mother's Day Recap

I LOVE being a mom. I have been so blessed with three of the most beautiful, fun children! On top of being blessed everyday with their smiles, hugs, and kisses I get completely spoiled on Mother's day! This year, the Dude gave me three delicious meals from the grill, a plant for my fledgling garden, and an armband for my Ipod to make my runs more enjoyable! On top of everything the Dude did for me, there were a few unexpected "gifts" from each kid. Bear has been speaking a lot more lately and could actually say "Happy mom-moms day!" Every time he said it he would run over and give me a big hug! So sweet!

Monkey gave me the gift of putting herself down for a nap! My lunch came off the grill right as I was getting them ready for a nap. Monkey let me eat instead of laying with her until she fell asleep. I didn't hear a peep!

Baby was dedicated at church yesterday. It is so encouraging to have a church family that partners with us in raising our kids in the gospel of Christ!

Mother's Day Sunflower

Here is a fun Mother's Day craft I did with my preschool Sunday School kiddos. You can save this for next year, or surprise a deserving loved one with a fun, handmade gift to celebrate summer!

Cut a heart out of brown paper. Write the word MOM in big letters in the center of the heart.

Cut petals out of yellow paper. Save yourself some time and use an accordion fold. I got about 12 petals out of a full size piece of construction paper and only cut once!

You can let your kids squeeze liquid glue to practice their fine motor skills, but with a group of nine, I either had them use glue sticks or did the glue for them. Turn the flower over and put glue around the perimeter of the heart. Have the kids stick petals all around the outside. Then turn the flower back over and trace the word MOM in liquid glue. Have the kids place sunflower seeds on the glue. Here is the finished sunflower!

I hope all of you moms out there had a wonderful day in your honor!

Elizabeth Ann