I'm sure everyone out there has something in their day to day life that they just don't enjoy. Mine is laundry. I don't mind the occasional load or two and I love the satisfaction of having nice clean clothes folded neatly in my family's drawers. But that hardly happens. A more typical scene is a laundry mountain taller than my oldest child piled on the guest bed in the basement, most of the time made up of clean clothes that I can't seem to find the time to fold. I just send the Dude downstairs to get his wrinkly clothes everyday and push the chore farther down on my to-do list. Every few weeks I discover that there are no wearable clothes in anyones drawers. The laundry baskets are spilling over, and the mountain is bigger than ever. I call this the perfect storm. It means I have to devote an entire day to laundry. I must banish myself and my three small children to the basement for several hours and run my washer and dryer to the point of exhaustion. This day was yesterday. I started my first load at 8:30 am and asked the Dude to please fold the last load while I bathed Baby at 8:30 pm. 12 hours of laundry... ridiculous. My day of laundry left me frustrated and run down. I was even more disheartened because of the wonderful weekend I had experienced with my family remembering Christ's ultimate sacrifice of dying on the cross and celebrating his glorious resurrection. To go from remembering this most miraculous event to doing laundry was too depressing of a contrast for me to find joy in. So how are we supposed to handle this? How do we live our lives, even the mundane details, in light of God's great mercy?

I could make a plan to be more organized, to stay on top of the laundry from day-to-day. But this would not solve the real issue, my deep down heart issue of getting lost in the mundane details of my life instead of getting lost in the grace of God. It is by God's grace that I even have mundane details to mess with, all the more he wants to help me to glorify him through these details. I have been reading  The Organized Heart by Staci Eastin. This book has proven immensely useful to me in exposing sins in my life that I was not even aware were there. Sins like perfectionism, frustration, and discontentment. By praying for God's grace to cleanse me of these sins, I will be able to find joy in and glorify God through things like the perfect storm of laundry. Nicole Whitaker of girltalk wrote an encouraging entry yesterday along the same topic. She encouraged us to allow Christ’s death and resurrection to fill you with transcendent joy on this ordinary day.

May you find grace today in the mudane details of your life.

Elizabeth Ann