Resurrection Puppet Play: Act 2

Today we decided to continue our puppet drama with Jesus washing the disciple's feet and the Lord's supper. This story of Jesus washing the disciple's feet can be found in John 13:1-11. Depending on the age of your children, you may want to read them the story from the Bible and then hit the high points with the puppets. The key players are Jesus, Peter, and Judas. The other disciples are also in the room. I pointed out to my children that Jesus knew Judas was going to give him to the bad guys. Jesus could have stopped him, but he knew he must let Judas betray him if he was going to save us from our sins. The big theme here is Wow! Jesus really must love us! Which I repeat many times throughout the story.

The Lord's supper is recorded in Matthew, Mark, and Luke. I read from Matthew 26:26-28.

Here are some follow up activities for Act 2:

1. Have tortillas and cranberry juice for a snack and talk about the Lord's supper. (Don't actually perform the the Lord's supper as this is reserved for believers in Jesus. See 1 Corinthians 11:17-34) Ask your children what Jesus said the bread was, what Jesus said the wine was. Why did Jesus have to die on the cross?

2. On a nice day let your kids run around outside in the dirt and mud. Let them get really dirty! Explain that the disciples didn't have tennis shoes or rain boots to wear to keep their feet clean and most of their street were made of dirt and mud so their feet got really dirty. Then talk about how they sat on the ground to eat and their stinky feet would be in the face of the person next to them, so they had to wash their feet before supper. Then wash your children's feet. Tell them a servant normally did this, but Jesus did it this time to show them that he loved them and that he was giving up his life for them.

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Elizabeth Ann