Puppets play Easter

I have been trying to think of a fun way to prepare my family for Easter. I came across the idea of a puppet stage on another blog I read. Monkey has been asking to do a project, so I thought this windy day would be the perfect opportunity. I started with a plain box and played with it until it was the shape I wanted. Then I cut an opening for the stage. We brought the stage inside to decorate it. Bear has a thing for boxes and swiftly jumped on it. 

Nothing a little tape can't fix!

Monkey chose fabric for the curtain out of my scrap bin. Bear is learning his shapes and colors, so I cut triangles, circles, squares, hearts, and stars out of colored paper coordinating with the fabric. The kids decorated the shapes and stage with markers, then glued the shapes to the stage, all the while quizzing Bear on the shapes and colors.

As they finished decorating I sewed a simple open hem in the fabric and threaded some yarn through. I punched two holes in the top of the stage and strung the curtain up through the holes, securing it on each side with a bead.

Our plan is to make Ressurection puppets, but we haven't gotten to that yet and the kids wanted to play right away. So we found some finger puppets, mini princesses, plastic animals, and barrel-o-monkeys.

The stories Monkey came up with had me rolling. They mainly consisted of princesses dancing away from scary lizards and bad guys being eaten by "monkey lava". Oh the imagination of a three year old!

I'll post more on the actual purpose for the stage, retelling the death and ressurection of Christ, tomorrow.

Have a blessed day!