We recently joined our local YMCA. When I think about working out I always revert back to running. I have enjoyed running since early high school, although I can't admit to being very good at it. I realized this when my best school friend, Jennie, and I decided to go out for cross country and didn't even make it through the first practice. It was further confirmed in college when I barely passed the final exam for my walk/run class. I like to run short distances at slow speeds. I have completed three 5K races, so I have that to brag about... With three small children it is pretty hard to find time to run, so the Dude encourages me to go before the kids wake up or after they are in bed. I almost always opt for after they are in bed. The run clears my head after a long day  of mommy-ing, I feel like it is a break, and it gives me energy to accomplish things when I get home. Win win win!

Tonight I decided to listen to a podcast of a John Piper sermon on prayer. I am in awe of how God ties so many lessons together in life. If I had to paraphrase where he has been taking me the past few months it would be to PRAY MORE! I can not do this life on my own, I need a constant infux of grace to be effective in my roles as mother, wife, and friend.  The bible draws comparisons between the Christian life and running in 1 Corinthians 9:24   Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one recieves the prize? So run that you may obtain it. I believe the prize is to honor and glorify God with our everything. Looking to Christ Jesus so intently that all the little annoyances of life fade. The sleepless night, the aching back, the busy schedule, the burnt supper, the kitchen sink full of dirty dishes.... the list goes on and on. And I guess that is the point, no one will ever be free of annoyances in life, it is how about focusing on God and living for his glory.