Nesting... post Baby

It's amazing how I live with things that bug me for way too long. I am always looking for an excuse to organize my house and simplify life at home. That is why I jumped on the opportunity to join a fellow blogger as she nests in preparation for her fifth baby. I'll be following her for the next few weeks as she challenges her readers to organize an area of their house and blog about it each Friday. This week was the pantry.ย  I don't have a traditional pantry so I use two full size cabinets and other random spaces around my kitchen. As you can see, it desperately neededย  organization!

Of course, I had three cute little helpers! Monkey practiced sorting while I cleaned the shelves and Bear made towers out of cans.

After washing each shelf, tossing expired items, and gathering a box to take to the food pantry, this was the result:

Glorious! Of course, now I have the bug and am cleaning out every cabinet in my kitchen! Thanks to Ruth at for the idea!
Happy weekend!
Elizabeth Ann
Simply Nesting