My first blog

As a stay at home mom I spend all of my time with three beautiful children that the Lord has blessed me with. My husband, the Dude, and I have been blessed beyond measure. I do however from time to time desire to express ideas and thoughts apart from my three kiddos. Don't get me wrong, explaining how the world works and who God is and how we all fit in to His plan in toddler speak is a challenging and exciting endeavor. Sometimes though, I just need to get my thoughts out and share what went on inside our little world on any given day. So that is the purpose of this blog. Whether anyone reads it or not, at least I will feel like I am talking to someone over the age of 3! So let me begin by introducing my little family! Like I said, I have three children: Monkey, Bear, and Baby. Monkey is a 3 year old little girl. As her name suggests, she has been a climber from her early days with incessant energy! She keeps us busy and smiling. Bear is our 1 year old boy. He can be sweet and snuggly like a teddy bear, but more often tears through the house stomping and roaring. He also has a tremendous appetite and will eat almost anything. Baby is 4 months old today and mostly sleeps and eats. I will give him an animal identity as soon as his personality shows up. 

Well, that's about it for introductions. I look forward to continuing this blog and hopefully getting to know some people out there!

Elizabeth Ann